Human Defender Skill Build

12:05 AM Sunday, February 6, 2011

What exactly could be the Human Defender Class?

The advance human class regarded regarding be as the greatest tanker in the online game. With their higher defense buffs and stun capabilities, which tends to make them ideal within a party. Due to substantial Mana usage, they require to stock significantly more mana potions.

Level 99 Stat Point Build

Stat Build suggestions

You need to have respectable points within the Psyche to have greater mana pool considering that the Defender considerably depends upon skill spells. Vitality demands lots of the points to make your character have significantly much more defence and HP points.


Defender are essential in the direction of the party. Utilizing the higher defense buffs and stun kills, they can be excellent with regards to boss hunting and mobbing. With regards to single play, it could possibly be a little cumbersome because of the character’s reduced damage charge. It’s greatest to be inside a party because you will kill the mobs quicker.


No matter obtaining low damage charge, the greater defense buffs and the stun abilities puts them at amazing advantage. You will just require to work with your skills correctly and realize when to create use of them.

Skill Tree – Rohan Human Knight

Divine-Level 5: Will cause the target monster to attack the player. Can only be utilised although in a Party.

Taunt-Level 1: Will cause the target monster to attack the player. Can only be utilized although within a Party.

Rising Might-Level 5:  Enhances the Target’s Strength by 15% for 30 mins.

Protection-Level 5: Enhances the Physical Defense in the Target’s Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.

Psychic Crash-Level 1:  Offers 60% extra damage towards the target.

Sharpen Blade-Level 5: Raises the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 mins.

Blessed Shield-Level 5: The Shield’s Block Rate is elevated by 6% for 30 minutes.

Crash Above-Level 5: For 30 minutes, Psychic Crash includes a 25% likelihood of stunning the enemy for 3 seconds.

Invoke-Level 1: Raises the user’s Critical Damage by 235% in the user’s Dexterity for 18 mins. Dexterity is improved by 20%.

Charge-Level 5: Strikes the target with your Shield to deal 100% further damage, and stuns them for 6 seconds.

Shield Push-Level 1: Strikes the target jointly together with your Shield to supply 130% extra damage, and pushes them back 2 meters.

Bleeding-Level 5: Offers 80% in the player’s Physical Attack to your target as damage over time every single 3 seconds 9 times.

Assault Crash-Level 5: Raises offensive ability by 100%, 90% of that's worked towards the target and 80% is dealt towards the surrounding enemies inside of 6 meters.

Skill Tree – Rohan Human Defender

Blunt Mastery-Level 3: 9% boost for ones One handed mace damage. Lasts 24 mins.

Blue Suction-Level 3: 200% from your damage applied drains your opponent’s Mana.

Shield Mastery-Level 5: 60% improve for your target’s Shield’s defense. Lasts 30 mins.

Taunt Roar-Level 1:  Close by monsters will attack you for 10 secs. Use only for the duration of Party play.

Eternal Stamina-Level 1: 10% increase to Health. Lasts 18 mins.

Shout-Level 1: All opponents in a 15M range will experience a 10% drop within their Physical Defense. Lasts 30 secs.

Recovery Aura-Level 3: 9% increase for ones party member’s Mana Recovery.
Shield Burden-Level 5: Your target may possibly obtain dmg with 300% STR additional to its strength +50% drop in mobility for 30 secs.

Fixation-Level 1: Provides a 100% increase to your Melee attack force, even so you aren't able to move for 10 secs.

Physical Aura-Level 3: 9% boost to you personally along with your party member’s HP Recovery.

Rush-Level 5: You will charge in opposition to an opponent that is 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.

Defender Nature-Level 1: You take in 200% from your damage inflicted on a picked party member. Lasts 30 secs.

Metal Protection-Level 3: 9% improve to you personally and all your party member’s Physical Defense.

Extinction-Level 5: User will Stun 8 targets within 10M radius for 5 seconds.
Rohas Shelter-Level 1: Picked party members will experience a reset from their Aggro, and will grow to be Invincible and Stunned for 10 secs.

Morale Expansion-Level 3: 9% increase for you as well as your party member’s Physical / Ranged / Magical attack force.

Whirlwind-Level 5: 180% boost to the damage worked in your targeted opponent and 8 others about him. They get pushed back 15M.


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