What is the Dekan Sage Class?
With their AOE spell skill, the Dragon sage is excellent for PVE and solo play with their high defense rate.
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Dekan Sage Skill Build
This Skill Build Guide is made by ColdFusion of Rohan Forums. All credit belongs to him. For further discussion, check out the link to the forum link.
The stat build for Pure Vit Dekan Sage is to add 4 vit every level.

Dragon Fighter:
1 Darkness
1 Taunt
5 Dragons Power
1 Health to Mana
5 ForeFootSwing
5 Health Funnel
1 Dragons Tail
1 Zhen Counter
2/5 Dragons Skin
Dragon Sage:
5 Zhen Mastery
5 Critical Immunity
2 Extricate
5 Evolve
5 Suction
1/5 Mantle
5 Forced Lock (Optional)
5 Flow
5 Splitter
5 Impenetrable
5 Fast Shadow
5 Full Blown Attack ( I believe? )
5 Dragons Wing


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